For people who wish to buy an apartment in Paris and living outside, that do not know where to start, or do not have time.

In addition to being based in Paris, we have a good knowledge of the market and various professionals who can facilitate the realization of the proposed acquisition. We guarantee complete confidentiality.

It consist on selecting ads of newspapers, journals and websites, visiting agencies, contacting professional and visiting apartments that meet the criteria defined by a detailed description to the priority criteria search. The description of a selection of at least 5 apartments will be sent with photos (when possible). The visits begin after signal reception 2,500 euros and end with the signing of the "Promesse de vente 'or after the visit of at least 12 apartments that would correspond to the criteria.

We guarantee full transparency of our visits during the search.

This signal will be deducted from the 3% commission of value of goods purchased (without Notary's costs), to be paid upon completion of the purchase, the final signature with the "Notaire" (Notary) provided three months after signing the "Promesse de vente". When the apartment is presented by an agency, we try to negotiate a reduction of agency commission in order to "self-finance" all or part of the commission of Monparis.

After the acquisition, we can indicate a company for carrying out any reforms, and assist the customer in managing the apartment if you want to make the investment by renting the apartment for short periods to a select clientele.

Apartments we helped our clients buying

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